What is the difference between a coat and a jacket

What is the difference between a coat and a jacket

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A coat and a jacket both are popular outerwears for upper body but both have significant differences. Both coat and jackets are front open but the difference between them is created by their lengths. Coats are tended to be longer than jackets. As the common jackets for men will go up to the waist length whereas a coat for men will be little longer than that and goes up to thighs and the same goes for women coats and jackets.

Both men and women wear coats. They are long, classy garment that goes up to thighs and sometimes up to knee length. They are popular among people for their warmth and fashionable looks. They add a perfect class to your outfit along with so much of warmth in cold weather so they are perfect for you if you are going out in a cold weather but want to look perfectly dressed. They usually have long sleeves and they are front open so you have many closing options like buttons, hooks, zippers or any kind of fasteners. Many times they are styled with belts and toggles. They may also include collars or hoods in different cases.

Whereas the jackets have the completely different look and style. They are also front open but they are usually of mid stomach length. They generally have full sleeves and have fasteners on a front or slightly on the side. Unlike coats, jackets for men and women both are usually lighter and have tight-fitting which makes them less insulating than a coat. The jackets for men and women both are fashionable and also serve as protective clothing in cold weather but not as protective and warm as a coat.

A coat and a jacket are two different items of clothing but many people get confused while differentiating. Many people have a myth that a coat and a jacket are the similar pieces of garments which they are not. Although they both have similar usage their look, styling, fabric, and pattern make them completely different from each other. There are many websites which provide variety of coats and jackets such as Jabong.com, Myntra.com, Amazon.com, and Bewakoof.com. You need to try both and decide which one works the best for you according to your usage.

Earlier, a coat was originated as an item worn for protection from weapon attack but later in the 19th century, it became more of a fashion item which was worn by almost all people very commonly. Whereas the term jackets were driven from coats which were supposed to be referred as undercoats. Traditionally the jackets were used to reference specific types of undercoats which were shorter than usual coats and their length was supposed to be up to upper thighs. Eventually, they both became different pieces of attire later.

Sometimes, the coats are referred as sports clothing because traditionally there are worn during hunting or any outdoor sports activity. So the term ‘Sports’ is added to it. Whereas jackets for men are usually referred as “suits” as in “suit jackets” and considered as formal attire which is paired with formal pants or trousers. Coats are made out of heavier fabrics than a jacket. The fabrics used in making coats are more durable as compared to the fabrics used for making jackets for men and women. The reason being jackets are made out of the variety of fabrics according to their styles but coats are always made out of heavy materials.

Both coats and jackets for men or women are a perfect piece of garments when it comes to style and class along with the protection from cold weather. It is of no use to compare both of them but it is important to understand the difference between them. They both have their significant values and both should be worn according to your preferences.

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