These Tips Can Solve your Layering Problems

These Tips Can Solve your Layering Problems

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Generally, layering is a look that works for four seasons. It tends to fall and spring naturally when temperature changes make it convenient to have some pieces that you can take on or off the whole day. However, with the right wardrobe pieces and materials, it is possible for you to have a layered look at any time of the year whether you buy wholesale polo shirts, jackets, sweaters or other clothing pieces.

Ensure the Visible Layer is Something that You Could Wear By Itself

You can have a low-class or flimsy undershirt as long as nobody sees it. A sleeveless cotton shirt is comfortable and practice as an under layer; however, do not let it show. Your visible layer must be something that you are comfortable wearing as the only layer on that body part.


Make Sure that Outer Hems are Longer than the Inner

Of course, there are some exceptions here. Today, men in their twenties seem fond of untucked shirt tails that poke out from under a sweater. However, it does not really look good. Try to avoid a blazer or sports jacket which is longer than the coat over it in the winter months.

Consider Two or Three Bright Colors

While you can have plenty of colors, there must be familial similarities between two of them and make sure only one or two is bright. So when you are getting wholesale blank t-shirts and bright green trousers, never wear a lemon yellow scarf and a pink shirt with them. Consider a popper or two and leave the rest a bit more muted.


Have your Pattern Scaled from Lightest to Strongest

For instance, when your overcoat is large herringbone tweed that has plenty of mottled color, consider wearing a solid-color shirt and a more restrained sports jacket for less pattern toward the core. Alternatively, when you wear a plaid shirt, wear a jacket or sweater with a bit visible texture and top it with a solid, smooth overcoat. Either way, there is graduated and gentle change instead of an abrupt back and forth.

Be Aware of Every Layer’s Practical Function

  • Inner layers- They do not need to be fashionable unless you are exposing them. They have to be breathable, lightweight and able to wick away moisture from the skin.
  • Shirt layers-They have to offer a great visual anchor and must be breathable and light.
  • Middle layers- They need to have a bit of absorption and warmth. Also, the must be loose-fitted enough to comfortably slip over one or two shirts.
  • Outer layers- Must be long enough to cover each layer beneath them. Also, must be cut loose enough to fit over a sweater or jacket.

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