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The “Pearfect” Skin Refreshers: I’m from’s Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

The “Pearfect” Skin Refreshers: I’m from’s Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum – THE YESSTYLIST - Asian Fashion Blog

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In the southern coastal region of South Korea is Baegun Mountain, an area boasting clean air and soil abundant in minerals, conditions perfect for growing sweet and delectable pears. Skin care brand I’m from uses wild pears grown in this region as the star ingredient of its Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum, which are especially suitable for hydrating and soothing sensitive skin.

To ensure that active ingredients are extracted and retained, the flesh of wild pears is grinded using the eco-friendly NANO PHYTO CELL GRINDER™ method. Not only are the Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum formulated with wild pear extract, they are also enriched with plant-based hyaluronic acid. As an added environmental plus, the product packaging is made from recycled materials. Scroll through to read about my delightful two-week journey using the Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum on my sensitive skin.

I'm from Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum

Pear Soothing Pad

I'm from Pear Soothing Pad

About the product: These refreshing and soothing pads are soaked in essence containing 75% wild pear extract, which instantly cools skin, hydrates and balances skin’s pH levels. Plant-based hyaluronic acid adds extra hydration benefits into the mix. According to the brand, clinical tests performed on the product proved the pad boosted moisture levels by 138.39%, reduced skin temperature levels by 4˚C, soothed skin by 23.43%, and improved skin pH levels by 18.17%.

The pad itself is made of unbleached pure cotton that is biodegradable and vegan-certified, and small specks of natural fibers are visible on the sheet. A small tweezer comes with the product to easily and hygienically pick up each pad.

I'm from Pear Soothing Pad

My experience: Despite the brand recommending using the serum first, I treated the soothing pad like a toner and replaced my usual toner with this item. I applied the pad right after cleansing my face. It had an instant but subtle cooling effect. Given the current hot weather and humidity, my skin tends to sweat a bit after a shower, so the pads helped cool it down a notch. I used two pads at a time to wipe my skin and left them on for a minute. I’m from suggests leaving them on skin for three minutes for extra soothing effects, but I was too impatient to wait that long. The soothing pad gave my skin a hydration kick, though the cooling effects were minimally felt.

Pear Serum

I'm from Pear Serum

Made of 83% wild pear leaf extract, the Pear Serum reduces skin irritations and prevents water loss by enhancing the skin’s moisture barrier. Just like the soothing pad, the serum offers deep hydration thanks to plant-based hyaluronic acid. Skin irritation tests showed the serum boosted moisture levels by 136.67%, reduced skin temperatures by 3.92%, strengthened the skin barrier by 27.36% and reduced red and inflamed skin by 32.64%.

I'm from Pear Serum

My experience: The texture is on the more watery side of the serum spectrum, and it has a barely detectable pear scent. After using the soothing pad, I pumped two dollops of the serum onto the palm of my hand and applied it onto my face. Its lightweight texture seamlessly spread onto my skin and absorbed quickly. Two pumps were a generous amount to robustly hydrate my skin, while leaving it soft, supple and glowing. Like the Pear Soothing Pad, cooling effects from the Pear Serum were minimal.

Final Verdict

The Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum are quite the refreshing “pear” as the duo left my skin feeling revitalized. They delivered instant cooling effects − even if those effects weren’t dramatic − and hydration. As a fan of eco-friendly skin care, I also appreciate I’m from’s commitment to sustainability. All in all, both the pad and serum are great summer pick-me-ups, so I’ll continue to use them in my current skin care routine!

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